Teenager becomes Zambia’s youngest female pilot


In the July issue of ZASA Magazine, we feature a pilot (Kalenga Kamwendo) who made history by clocking 1000 flying hours at age 21. We would like you to join us in congratulating yet another young Zambian for becoming the youngest female commercial pilot in the country – 19 year old Besa Mumba.

Besa has just secured her dream job as a pilot flying with Proflight Zambia.

“Proflight Zambia was impressed with Besa’s determination and drive and we believe she has the will to succeed in what is a very competitive industry,” said Proflight’s Director of Government and Industry Affairs Capt. Philip Lemba. “We will support Besa all the way, and look forward to her growing her career with us.”

Ms Mumba is following in the footsteps of a number of illustrious female flyers, including Zambia’s first female pilot Yichida Ndhlovu, and Major Nina Tapula, who was the first female pilot in the Zambian Air Force.

Congratulations Besa!

Source: Mwebantu (follow link for full article)



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