Nkwashi introduces free shuttle service to new Lusaka development

If you are in Lusaka, why not stop by and see how your new investment is going? For those that have taken up the opportunity we’ve been telling you about, this is a good chance for you to visit the site. If you still haven’t invested and are looking for land in a prime location in Lusaka, this is what R1300 per month can get you…


“Nkwashi gave us a wonderful tour. The Site Engineer was able to answer all our questions with openness, and the road network was impressive to see.” – Christine (Nkwashi Plot Owner)

For many plot owners and prospective clients, Nkwashi’s free shuttle service served as an opportunity to visit the 3,100 square meter development for the first time. It was eye-opening, to say the least, for the clients who did not know where their plots were until the free shuttle service was introduced…

Trips to the Nkwashi Development Site are still ongoing, and clients are encouraged to reserve a seat before the free shuttle service comes to a close in August 2016.

To reserve your seat, please call: +260 21 1268 915, 097 2 57 7234, 096 1 105655, 095 4 809717 or email: hello@thebe-im.com

You can also book online via www.nkwashi.com

If you still have questions, simply pay them a visit at the address below:

Nkwashi head office | Woodlands Lusaka
11 Nalikwanda Road, Lusaka, Zambia


P.S. You can get your FREE copy of the July 2016 edition of ZASA Magazine (Issue 10) by clicking here.


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