Home Affairs on allegations of Government being slow to respond to violence

According to a report by EWN this morning, Home Affairs say they have been dealing with challenges around documentation of Foreign Nationals and that it is not fair to say there has been a lack of action in dealing with the same. This was in response to allegations that police and government have been slow to respond in light of the recent violence in Rosettenville and Pretoria West.


Picture Credit: Aletta Gardner/EWN


Around 30 shops owned by Foreign Nationals in Pretoria were looted on Monday night by locals who claimed they were being used as brothels and drug dens, reports EWN.

According to the same report, the department says distortion in the labour markets is happening as a result of undocumented people who are given what is referred to as slave wages, which South African’s can’t compete with.

“So the documentation of various foreign nationals is a result of government doing something. And then there’s also a migration policy now that government is putting together.” Explains the department’s Mayihlome Tshwete.

The department says one of the biggest challenges is that immigration is not thoroughly discussed when there are no xenophobic attacks.

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Eye Witness News (EWN) Article


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