Widow to Second President, Frederick Chiluba, Regina dies

Widow of Zambia’s Second President Frederick Chiluba, Regina Chifunda Chiluba has died.

Family sources have confirmed that Regina Chiluba died at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) at 12:30hrs on Sunday afternoon (26th February 2017).

Image Credit: Lusaka Times

Government evacuated Mrs. Regina Chiluba to Apollo Hospital in hyderabad in India, in November 2016 reportedly battling cancer.

She however came back last week and was immediately admitted to the University Teaching Hospital as her condition was deemed terminal.

In 2002,  the Ndola High Court divorced her marriage to Edward Mwanza.

She later officially married Frederick Chiluba.

At this stage, Chiluba had divorced his wife of many years, Vera Tembo.

Regina spent most of her life with Chiluba in courts of law as Chiluba and herself were dragged into court on allegations of corruption by the Mwanawasa government.

In 2009, she was jailed by the Lusaka Magistrate for allegedly receiving government property but was later acquitted by the Lusaka High Court.

Chiluba died in 2010 from a heart condition he had suffered since 2006.

Regina is survived by her children Bwalya, Malama and Mando.

Funeral arrangements are will be announced later.

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Zambian Observer

Lusaka Times


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