Young Movers and Shakers | Umwana Zambia Foundation


In this edition of Young Movers and Shakers we will draw our inspiration from the story of a Youth Development Activist, Charles Tembo – Founder of Umwana Zambia Foundation. Here is some content we found online for the work the foundation is doing.

(Note* This is only a supplementary post, please see the full article in Issue 19 of ZASA Magazine (April 2017), download the issue free here)


Young girl refers to education as the building blocks to a better life, see video below.

Christian a volunteer from Denmark, shared this in support of the girl child, see video below.

We would like to encourage the foundation to continue the amazing work and to share more videos of the work they are doing, we love it and are proud to support. You can also show your support by following them across social media and helping with any of their initiatives. Contact Details below.


Charles Tembo, Founder | Umwana Zambia Foundation


Blog: Umwana Foundation Blog
Facebook: Umwana Zambia Foundation
Twitter: @umwanazambia (Umwana Foundation)

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