Zed Artist Profile | T-Sean

Please start by reading the profile in Issue 20 of ZASA Magazine (May 2017) to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material. You can download the magazine for free here.

ZASA Magazine - Issue 20 - May 2017_Zed Artist Profile_inline image

Award-winning dancehall artist T-Sean, who early this year released a single “How You Like It” that features Bombshell, has followed it up with another song titled “Mayeso”, produced by Thee HighGrade (play song below). Zambia Daily Mail caught up with the artist, see what he had to say about his new single and find his bio in the latest issue (Issue 20) of ZASA Magazine.


Tell Me How You Like It – T-Sean ft. Bombshell

Older Videos and Other Content

Try Again by T-Sean.

Love the song, love the video concept; it’s different – keep bringing well thought out creativity brother!

Live performance (30 mins) by T-Sean and the Baila Empire Band

A firm favourite – Will You Marry Me by T-Sean

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Associated links:

T-Sean on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Reverbnation

Sources: Zambia Daily Mail | Zambian Music Blog





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