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4616 Permanent Residence applicants need to apply again – Home Affairs


In a notice issued by the Department of Home Affairs on their website, if you applied for a Permanent Residence Permit before 02 June 2014; you have between 15 May 2017 and 31 July 2017 to re-submit the application – please share this information.

Here is the notice as per the department’s website:

The Department of Home Affairs received permanent residence applications prior to 02 June 2014 utilising the Track and Trace system . The Department has noted that it does not have 4616 applications on hand as per Track and Trace system.

In this regard, Mr Mkuseli Apleni, the Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs, under the powers vested in him under Sections 26 and 27 of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act no. 13 of 2002) as amended, hereby gives notice that persons whose particulars appear in a list published in the National Government Gazette No 40691 on 17 March 2017 from page 35 to 95 at who applied for permanent residence prior to 02 June 2014, at their earliest convenience and without delay, re-submit their permanent residence applications electronically through the Department of Home Affairs Contact Centre (HACC). The persons whose particulars appear on the published list will be afforded a period of two (2) months from the date of publication of the notice to re-submit the applications at no further cost. The Department of Home Affairs will not accept any applications submitted after the stipulated period.

Only applications that appears in the attached list may be re-submitted by e-mail to: 

The Bi-947 application form can be downloaded here <<< and must be completed and sent via email only!

View the general guidelines and requirements for specific categories in terms of Sections 26 and 27 of the Immigration Act here <<< 

All applicants who are eighteen (18) years of age and older must also submit a South African Police Clearance Certificate not older than six (6) months or approach the Afiswitch office to submit an application for a South African Police Clearance Certificate. Afiswitch can be contacted on 012 679 2900 or visit for more information.

Failure to re-submit your permanent residence application will render the application closed.

For your ease of reference you may check the progress of your application by calling the HACC on 0800601190.

The Department of Home Affairs endeavors to adjudicate and finalise all received permanent residence applications by the end of December 2017.

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Sources: Department of Home Affairs | Featured Image | Inline Image

Home Affairs – Children born to illegal immigrant parents disadvantaged

“The assumption that if a child is born in this country, they automatically get citizenship, irrespective of whether their parents are foreign or not, is false,” – this is according to Cape Town attorney Joy van der Heyde, who has filed nine notices against the Department of Home Affairs in the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town as reported by Cape Argus on the 9th of April 2017. The notices are said to be related to the department’s alleged refusal to issue unabridged birth certificates to foreign parents.


“A notice of birth is issued by the hospital, this is not an identity document on which the child can be registered at school or obtain social grants. This notice, therefore, does not assist the child in being able to enforce his or her rights,” Van der Heyde pointed out.

The report by Cape Argus also notes that the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) plans to review why children born in South Africa to foreign parents are not automatically awarded citizenship by the Department of Home Affairs.

The deputy chairperson of the SAHRC, Advocate Priscilla Jana, said she had been unaware that unabridged birth certificates were not issued to children born to foreign parents.

The DHA says that despite the SAHRC claims, South African “legislation on this fundamental matter of citizenship is clear”. Continue reading Home Affairs – Children born to illegal immigrant parents disadvantaged

Update on arrested Zambian Truck Drivers and ZASA Welfare Fund


Last week, we broke the story of Zambian truck drivers that had been arrested by immigration officials in Germiston (click here to read); the Zambia High Commission acted quickly to get the situation resolved. Below is an update on the situation. Continue reading Update on arrested Zambian Truck Drivers and ZASA Welfare Fund

Update | Arrested Zambian Truck Drivers

If you don’t know the story, please start by reading the story on this link – Zambian Truck Drivers arrested in SA – SADC Truck Drivers Association reacts


Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

The issue of truck drivers is slightly complicated. The information we have is very sensitive as of now but the Zambia High Commission are on the case trying to find ways of sorting the matter out. So far 6 drivers have been released and 6 are still in custody.

Rest assured that the matter is being dealt with as a matter of priority and the information we have at the moment cannot be shared until investigations are done and finalized.

Let us remain calm.

I had a long chat with the Truckers Association Chairperson of Zambia based in Kitwe who I have briefed him the truth of what happened and why the truck drivers are being held.

Thank you
Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President






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Zambian Truck drivers arrested in SA – SADC Truck Driver’s Association reacts


A number of truck drivers were arrested last week by immigration officers after they reportedly went into the premises of a trucking company in Germiston with the aim of checking for legal documentation. This took place on Thursday 16 March 2017.

Eneless Lungu is one of the truck drivers arrested and sent the following voice note to the SADC Truck Drivers Association in the hopes of getting some assistance with the issue.

Continue reading Zambian Truck drivers arrested in SA – SADC Truck Driver’s Association reacts

Home Affairs to present new migration policy to Cabinet

A National Conference on International Migration was held in Sandton on 17 March 2017. Speaking at the conference were delegations from various organisations which included the Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba MP, who gave a keynote address.


In his address, the minister highlighted plans to establish processing centres for refugees as part of sweeping legislative changes to South Africa’s immigration policies, changes that according to Business Live will also redefine processes leading to citizenship.

“SA must begin strategically managing migration rather than focusing on compliance…” said the minister.

The draft paper that was being discussed at the conference is expected to be handed over to Cabinet by the end of March and includes amendments to at least five Acts‚ including the Immigration Act and Marriage Act, reports Business Live.

Continue reading Home Affairs to present new migration policy to Cabinet

Permits Notification | ZASA Press Office

Dear Colleagues,

For those requiring legal documentation to normalise their stay in the Republic of South Africa in the form of acquiring PERMITS of various kinds, please contact ZASA now.


Please note, these are not AMNESTY PERMITS but ZASA will do all they can to guide you through the process using qualified agents and immigration lawyers where procedure will have to be followed with all applicable documents submitted to Home Affairs for onward processing.

Priority is given to ZASA Receipt and Card carrying Members.

If interested please submit your Name, ZASA Card number, ZASA Receipt Number and your ZASA Branch name to the National Publicity Secretary on +27 (76) 3001848

“Please note that we are dealing with two separate matters here which is obtaining legal documentation under the South African Law in which each interested person will be guided accordingly and also through amnesty in which we have a team that is busy with lobbying for this process. We cannot stay stagnant if any opportunity arises to help hence the announcement for today.
Those who will not qualify this time, don’t despair, the amnesty will save you.
Thank you
Ferdinand Simaanya | ZASA President”


Alwyn Matongo,
Special Assistant to the President for Press & Communications.
Phone: 0613263073

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Volatile environment for all foreign nationals living in South Africa | ADF Press Release


International migrants in South African are once again the focus of headlines of both local and international mainstream media. This is not good news for the readers, listeners and viewers of news. The xenophobic monster has once again blown its deadly winds in the direction of vulnerable communities of foreign immigrants who live in the Republic of South Africa.

It happened in 2008, 2015 and now in 2017. We have witnessed the flames of xenophobia erupt in Gauteng province – that have been fuelled by the sweeping and reckless statements made by the current Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg Councillor Herman Mashaba that were repeatedly uttered in his 100 days of office speech. Without any attempt of sugar coating his utterances or disguising his intentions in his rhetoric, the Mayor is the culprit behind the spate of the xenophobic violence that targeted immigrants mainly from other African countries.


Herman Mashaba, Picture: SOWETAN

During his various speeches directed at international immigrants, the first citizen of the City of Johannesburg put a special emphasis on undocumented immigrants who he accused of hijacking some buildings in the Johannesburg CBD which they littered and transformed into a jungle. Continue reading Volatile environment for all foreign nationals living in South Africa | ADF Press Release

Three Zambians held in Lindela


Good day family,

We have three Zambians held in Lindela for lack of documentation and also no valid days in the passports. Mrs Joyce Chimalilo from the Zambia High Commission will go to Lindela today to identify them and sign documents that will be used for deportation.

One of the arrested is a ZASA fully paid up member and as such ZASA will pay for the air ticket to go back home. The other one is sorted as the relatives have come up with the funds for the air ticket. Continue reading Three Zambians held in Lindela

Zambians should join ZASA WhatsApp groups for updates | ZASA President


Good day to all Zambians.

Kindly join any one of Zambia Association in South Africa’s chat groups countrywide.

We are on the ground updating our Nationals on any protests being planned and happening through our system.

Continue reading Zambians should join ZASA WhatsApp groups for updates | ZASA President