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Sending money to Zambia shouldn’t be a horror story

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In this month’s edition, we share a few stories about the dangers of sending money through channels you cannot trust – some are funny but some can very easily result in heartache.

A post was shared in one of the ZASA WhatsApp groups that sparked some interesting yet revealing views of the issues Zambians face in the Diaspora. The post has been doing the rounds on social media and is by Motivational Speaker Mubita Nawa calling for Zambians to “come back home”.

In response to the post, someone suggested buying and building property back in Zambia and this led to a very interesting exchange about issues of sending money to Zambia. One person shared how a friend living abroad was sending money home only to return and find her house was still at slab level.

Please read the article in Issue 21 (June) for the stories… Most memorable quote “asanga mambala alilwala ale onta imbaula, guy afilwa noku pinda…”

ZASA Magazine - Issue 21 - June 2017_Money Matters

Do you have any interesting stories about sending money back home to share? Leave a comment on our Facebook page or in the comments section below and let us know about it, we’ll pick the most interesting one and share it when we release Issue 22 (July).

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R100 airtime for 5 minutes of your time?

ZASA Magazine - Issue 19 - April 2017

Please begin by reading the article in Issue 19 of ZASA Magazine to see responses from Mukuru on points raised by last month’s survey and to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material. Click here to download the magazine for free.

We have decided to roll the survey out to all readers just so we can hear from other users of the Mukuru service for the benefit of those thinking of using it too, we will share the results in due course.

*Very important: Please note that after completing the survey, you must follow or like ZASA Magazine AND share the survey to stand a chance of winning the R100 Airtime – the winner will be announced at the end of April 2017 (South African number only, winner can choose recipient).

If you already use Mukuru, please complete Form 1. If you are not a Mukuru user OR have any questions, please submit form 2 (follow the link provided below to go directly to the form. It has also been permanently placed in its own “Question for Mukuru” drop down under “Contact” on the main menu at the top of every page).

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Money Matters | Do you really, really talk about money?

When you hear the word “money”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Loans, savings, banks, work, taxes? Where does this concept of money come from? Why do we need it and why is it so important in our lives?

These are some of the ideas and concepts we are going to be looking at in more detail over the next few months.


Do you ever stop to have these conversations with your friends, family or kids?

Important Note* Please start by reading our brand new Money Matters Column in Issue 18 of ZASA Magazine (March 2017) to understand the context of this post, this is supplementary material. You can download the magazine for free here.

What better way to kick off this series than by setting context; the video below gives a bit of a background into why money exists and how it has evolved, it is not extensive but gives a nice overview.

For the kids – The History About Money

In this episode, we will learn that there are other things that are more important than money like friendship, life and health. However, having said that, money is still an important part of our daily life because without money, we can’t buy the things we need or want. While barter trading seemed like a good idea, it does not always work. Money however, is accepted by everyone. Find out more by watching the video above.

Worth sharing

Okay… We came across the video below while doing research, enjoy and hope it puts a smile on your face too – especially for those far from home!

Video Description – “Impiya – nangu shicepe” (Even if money is little) The Great Lutanda Singers- Yelusalemu Album- Singing about man’s disposition to make an offering (to God) in the form of money, even from the little that he has.


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