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WhatsApp group (and FB) admins can be held legally liable for content shared

In the clip below, Stephen Grootes of 702 chats to Emma Sadleir, social media expert on the Midday Report about the consequences of allowing illegal or defamatory content shared by group members on WhatsApp groups and Facebook Pages.

This follows a recent case in India where a WhatsApp group administrator was held responsible for a photoshopped defamatory image of the Prime Minister.

Saudi Warning If you are Whatsapp Group Admin, be careful!

According to the 702 report, even in South Africa, people who administer WhatsApp groups could be held legally responsible for what’s said on the group and could be sued for defamation.

“The law of South Africa treats you (administrator) as if you are like an editor of a newspaper and you are responsible for the content of its pages.” Says Sadleir.

You can listen to the interview below:

On the flip side, however, Scroll published an article back in April 2016 where they alluded to the fact that these kinds of restrictions might infringe on freedom of speech following a spate of Internet shutdowns, banning of mobile telephony and arrests for online content:

“Much like shutdowns, these directives pose a severe threat to the freedom of speech enjoyed by users online and are in clear violation of existing legal precedents.”  Quoted from

Where do you stand on this issue, let us know by commenting below or emailing

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Sources: 702 | ScrollSaudi Arabia Blog | inline image | Featured Image

27 Zambian Nationals in Prison in South Africa – High Commission

Pretoria – Thursday 1st June 2017

Zambia High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba has disclosed that 27 Zambian nationals are in jail in the country’s correctional services.

He said of the 27, 15 have already been convicted and are serving various sentences.

Mr. Mwamba says 12 Zambians are remanded in different prison facilities across the country awaiting the conclusion of their court cases.

download (1)

This came to light after the Mission engaged the Department of International Relations and Corporation of the Republic of South Africa (DIRCO) on the status of Zambian Nationals in conflict with the law in the country.

Among the prisoners is Peter Saveka, 34, holder of NRC 201632166, who is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder.

Others are identified as Continue reading 27 Zambian Nationals in Prison in South Africa – High Commission

Concerns emerge as Lusaka death toll rises – 980 deaths in a month


According to the Lusaka City Council’s burial permit office at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka, the council has recorded at least 980 deaths in the last one month alone. Brenda Katongola, the council’s assistant Public Relations Manager said in an interview that of the 980 deaths, 164 were transferred outside Lusaka, while 549 burials were conducted within the Council’s established cemeteries, that is, both the new and old Leopard’s Hill cemeteries and Chingwere cemetery in Lusaka. The remaining 296 burials were conducted in other cemeteries within Lusaka not managed by the Council. This data was recorded between April 18th and 8th May 2017.

Did all these deaths occur at UTH?

Despite the headlines trending on social media, sources at the burial permit office confirm that these deaths did not all occur at the University Teaching Hospital but include deaths recorded around the entire Lusaka District. The confusion is most likely due to the fact that Continue reading Concerns emerge as Lusaka death toll rises – 980 deaths in a month

4616 Permanent Residence applicants need to apply again – Home Affairs


In a notice issued by the Department of Home Affairs on their website, if you applied for a Permanent Residence Permit before 02 June 2014; you have between 15 May 2017 and 31 July 2017 to re-submit the application – please share this information.

Here is the notice as per the department’s website:

The Department of Home Affairs received permanent residence applications prior to 02 June 2014 utilising the Track and Trace system . The Department has noted that it does not have 4616 applications on hand as per Track and Trace system.

In this regard, Mr Mkuseli Apleni, the Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs, under the powers vested in him under Sections 26 and 27 of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act no. 13 of 2002) as amended, hereby gives notice that persons whose particulars appear in a list published in the National Government Gazette No 40691 on 17 March 2017 from page 35 to 95 at who applied for permanent residence prior to 02 June 2014, at their earliest convenience and without delay, re-submit their permanent residence applications electronically through the Department of Home Affairs Contact Centre (HACC). The persons whose particulars appear on the published list will be afforded a period of two (2) months from the date of publication of the notice to re-submit the applications at no further cost. The Department of Home Affairs will not accept any applications submitted after the stipulated period.

Only applications that appears in the attached list may be re-submitted by e-mail to: 

The Bi-947 application form can be downloaded here <<< and must be completed and sent via email only!

View the general guidelines and requirements for specific categories in terms of Sections 26 and 27 of the Immigration Act here <<< 

All applicants who are eighteen (18) years of age and older must also submit a South African Police Clearance Certificate not older than six (6) months or approach the Afiswitch office to submit an application for a South African Police Clearance Certificate. Afiswitch can be contacted on 012 679 2900 or visit for more information.

Failure to re-submit your permanent residence application will render the application closed.

For your ease of reference you may check the progress of your application by calling the HACC on 0800601190.

The Department of Home Affairs endeavors to adjudicate and finalise all received permanent residence applications by the end of December 2017.

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Sources: Department of Home Affairs | Featured Image | Inline Image

Four Zambians arrested in R10m gold scam case – Johannesburg

It is understood that four men who posed as precious metal dealers to allegedly defraud a businessman of nearly R10 million have been denied bail by the Johannesburg Specialised Commercial Crime Court, this is according to a report by News24 on Tuesday.


The report states that the Zambian nationals appeared in court on Monday, 24 April 2017 as per Captain Ndivhuwo Mulamu.

Alex Kapasa (29), Andrew Nawa (33), Ephraim Musukwu (28), and Daniel Phiri (37), are alleged to have claimed to be running a business selling gold, platinum, and copper and demanded upfront payment from a business owner in Dubai who paid them $750 000 (approximately R9.8m) for 500kg of gold. Continue reading Four Zambians arrested in R10m gold scam case – Johannesburg

Jitotwe Luxury Coach involved in Accident Near Beitbridge Border


Good day ladies and gentlemen.

Jitotwe luxury coach was involved in a road accident last night [22 April 2017] a few km away from Beitbridge border. We have received information about a few Zambians that have passed away but we will wait for confirmation from our source.

We will keep on updating you as we receive confirmed details.

All those who had family and friends on this bus that left Johannesburg traveling to Zambia yesterday please contact ZASA immediately.

Update 1: Confirmed – Mrs Memory Kainga and the daughter Taonga Mwale have passed on in the same accident. They are from the Yoeville branch.

We have asked Mr Chris Kambalame to travel to the scene and get us full information. He is traveling with the deceased’s husband to Louis Tritchard memorial hospital.
Catherine Chanda is much better we believe but Josephine Mwansa is critical and has been referred to JHB hospital.
Updates coming as we receive them.
Update 2: Confirmed – The driver of the bus lost control on the Highway just a few km away from Louis Tritchardt.
So far 4 people have been confirmed dead, three Zambians and one from Congo DRC.
5 are very critical and one has had a leg amputated.
The injured are in Louis Tratchardt hospital and some have been transferred to Polokwane Hospital.
Thank you
Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President

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Home Affairs – Children born to illegal immigrant parents disadvantaged

“The assumption that if a child is born in this country, they automatically get citizenship, irrespective of whether their parents are foreign or not, is false,” – this is according to Cape Town attorney Joy van der Heyde, who has filed nine notices against the Department of Home Affairs in the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town as reported by Cape Argus on the 9th of April 2017. The notices are said to be related to the department’s alleged refusal to issue unabridged birth certificates to foreign parents.


“A notice of birth is issued by the hospital, this is not an identity document on which the child can be registered at school or obtain social grants. This notice, therefore, does not assist the child in being able to enforce his or her rights,” Van der Heyde pointed out.

The report by Cape Argus also notes that the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) plans to review why children born in South Africa to foreign parents are not automatically awarded citizenship by the Department of Home Affairs.

The deputy chairperson of the SAHRC, Advocate Priscilla Jana, said she had been unaware that unabridged birth certificates were not issued to children born to foreign parents.

The DHA says that despite the SAHRC claims, South African “legislation on this fundamental matter of citizenship is clear”. Continue reading Home Affairs – Children born to illegal immigrant parents disadvantaged

Update on arrested Zambian Truck Drivers and ZASA Welfare Fund


Last week, we broke the story of Zambian truck drivers that had been arrested by immigration officials in Germiston (click here to read); the Zambia High Commission acted quickly to get the situation resolved. Below is an update on the situation. Continue reading Update on arrested Zambian Truck Drivers and ZASA Welfare Fund

ZASA reaffirms Diaspora commitment to National Development in Zambia

In a speech given at the handover ceremony for the blankets donated by ZASA, the president of the association made a firm commitment to skills, technology and knowledge transfer as a way of Diaspora Zambians doing their bit to push the agenda of national development back home.



The ceremony took place at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka on Thursday 23 March 2017. Below is the speech by ZASA President, Ferdinand Simaanya:

Continue reading ZASA reaffirms Diaspora commitment to National Development in Zambia

1000 blankets for UTH drive comes to a close

ZASA President Ferdinand Simaanya today handed over 1000 blankets to UTH for the children’s ward. This brings to fruition a vision by ZASA that aimed to alleviate the desperate situation the hospital’s patients often find themselves in.


It kicked off last year as one of ZASA’s community responsibility projects with the initiative being endorsed by the Zambia High Commission to South Africa. Zambians from all over South Africa came together donating blankets and money in order to make this a reality.

A massive thank you and well done to Zambians living in South Africa, keep up the spirit of One Zambia, One Nation – you should be proud!

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