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ZASA Business Forum Registrations Open | Official Notification


The Business Forum working template to guide how the Business Forum interacts with members, partners, business opportunities and generally all stakeholders has been signed off. Attached is a copy.

ZASA BF Registration Form-1

The next stage is building a database on the three categories identified being 1. Small Scale Businesses 2. Medium Scale Businesses and 3. High Scale Business. The benefits of the database are but not limited to the following 1. Knowing the product/ services capability and geographical reach. 2. Negotiation advantage

Please respond via email to the address  mia@adrielfischer.com by 30th June 2017 with heading “ZASA BF REGISTRATION ” detailing the following;
1. Business category (Small/Medium/Large)
2. Business/ Company name
3a. City where main business is located
3b. Province where main business is located
4. Main Contact Person
5. Mobile Contact Number
6. Landline Contact Number
7. Indicate specialisation area number 1
8. Indicate specialisation area 2
9. Indicate Specialisation area 3

Note that only 11 responses have been received so far. There shall be no extension beyond 30th June 2017.

Many thanks.
Francis Tembo.
Business Forum Chairperson.

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Issue 17 | February 2017 (incl download link)

Hello ZASA Mag family,

It’s February, you made it! No but for real guys, how many months are in January?

Seriously though, it’s a new month, the debit orders are out of the way and it is Friday… Allow us to make things even better; your latest edition of ZASA Mag is here.


As mentioned last month, our content is going to be geared toward giving you an interactive overall experience using the website and social platforms. We want to give you an experience you will not get anywhere else. Please visit the website as often as you can, the articles in the magazine usually come with supplementary content like videos, downloads, FAQs etc. which can all be found under Mag Resources on the main menu.

Issue 17 is here!


In this Issue, we bring you a classic Zambian safari experience with Kafunta River Lodge, part II of what it takes to register property in Zambia, Victoria talks to a young and inspiring Teen Mother and Children’s Rights Activist, Steven addresses how to manage living with Diabetes, and we profile Esther Chungu and so much more…

Now sit back, get yourself something nice to sip on and enjoy the mag 🙂

Click here to download Issue 17 (February 2017)

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