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ZASA Business Forum Registrations Open | Official Notification


The Business Forum working template to guide how the Business Forum interacts with members, partners, business opportunities and generally all stakeholders has been signed off. Attached is a copy.

ZASA BF Registration Form-1

The next stage is building a database on the three categories identified being 1. Small Scale Businesses 2. Medium Scale Businesses and 3. High Scale Business. The benefits of the database are but not limited to the following 1. Knowing the product/ services capability and geographical reach. 2. Negotiation advantage

Please respond via email to the address  mia@adrielfischer.com by 30th June 2017 with heading “ZASA BF REGISTRATION ” detailing the following;
1. Business category (Small/Medium/Large)
2. Business/ Company name
3a. City where main business is located
3b. Province where main business is located
4. Main Contact Person
5. Mobile Contact Number
6. Landline Contact Number
7. Indicate specialisation area number 1
8. Indicate specialisation area 2
9. Indicate Specialisation area 3

Note that only 11 responses have been received so far. There shall be no extension beyond 30th June 2017.

Many thanks.
Francis Tembo.
Business Forum Chairperson.

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Entrepreneur Corner | Hiring your first Employee

Look at you now, been running your growing baby for a good little while – the late (sometimes non-existent) nights, endless meetings, disappointments, patience and hard work have brought you to a crossroads; you need to bring someone into the fold! Here are some guidelines…


An experienced Entrepreneur in the video below, Patrick Bet-David, explains how to identify the person you need to hire first while this month’s article goes into how to attract the right candidate into your growing business… Hope you enjoy and share!

Download Issue 20 of ZASA Magazine here to read the full article by James Caan; Hiring your first employee – from a seasoned Entrepreneur.

Continue reading Entrepreneur Corner | Hiring your first Employee

Entrepreneur Corner | Mama G Cover Feature


Please start by reading the cover story in Issue 16 (January 2017) of ZASA Magazine to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material. You can download the magazine for free here.

As we mentioned in the magazine, we simply could not fit everything into the article so we decided to pull out the business portion of her interview and post it here since Mama G had some great and insightful contributions to make. Here’s the rest of the interview…

Becoming an entrepreneur is often a daunting task for many, what made you decide to jump all in and get Adriel Fischer Ltd off the ground?

I opted not to have a full-time commitment initially because of my son’s condition and being the primary caregiver, I decided to look after him full time. For a long time, I was grounded and thought I could never do anything else apart from looking after him. I was however inspired by mothers of CP children who I met and have excelled in their studies, career etc. despite their children’s condition. I decided to engage in something that was flexible which could still allow me to look after my son and work my own hours so I registered a company in Zambia called Adriel Fischer Ltd.  Most people are intrigued and ask me how I came up with that name. Well, I took my time to name my company the way you would your child. Adriel is a Hebrew name meaning followers or flock of God. Fischer is German for Fisher as I one day hope to “fish” (employ) thousands of people.

If there was one thing you would have loved to know when you started your entrepreneurial journey that you know now, what would that be? Continue reading Entrepreneur Corner | Mama G Cover Feature

Issue 11 | August 2016 (incl download link)

ZASA Magazine - Issue 11 - August 2016_Cover_4

Hello ZASA Mag family!

What a month… Our subscriber base continues to grow steadily so we would like to take this opportunity to give you a MASSIVE thanks for the love and support – Facebook is the first social media platform to hit the 1000 fans mark and that’s all thanks to you. Also, we have one more issue to go before we hit yet another fantastic milestone by becoming a ka 1 year old toddler 🙂

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In this issue, we look at the challenges Zambians are facing at the hands of the police, bring you a unique business idea you can start with very little capital, tell you all about the Zambian songbird Judy Yo and much more.

ZASA Magazine - Issue 11 - August 2016_Contents

Now go get yourself something to sip on and enjoy the mag 🙂

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ZAMBIA, OUR PROMISED LAND | You can make it right here!


To all those that are Entrepreneurs at heart and have not yet invested, take time to analyse the business environment in Zambia and the loopholes you can exploit.

A few examples;
– Hotels, lodges & guest houses are on the increase; try to supply them with consumables… You can supply tiny soap, tissue, food etc.
– Vehicle ownership in this country is on the rise, think hard about what service or product you can offer to the thousands of motorists here…
– Shopping malls are popping up everywhere. Provide a service to shop owners and employees e.g transport services for employees that knock off late, cleaning services etc.
– Construction is booming, almost everyone is building. Tap into that too
– Zambia is a consuming nation, use that to your advantage. Import what is really in demand here at affordable prices to service this demand…
– Education is now the in thing. Almost everyone wants to further their studies. Provide a service or product in that sector…
– Our ladies and hair. The supply of black women’s hair products is a multi-million dollar industry, either provide a service or product within that sector…
– The agricultural sector; you can just be a transporter, trader, marketer or simply join in the actual farming – there are many mouths to feed…

There are many more other businesses out there, just indulge yourself. Be creative and innovative.

You can do it.

Piece written by Sam Nkhani


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