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Concerns emerge as Lusaka death toll rises – 980 deaths in a month


According to the Lusaka City Council’s burial permit office at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka, the council has recorded at least 980 deaths in the last one month alone. Brenda Katongola, the council’s assistant Public Relations Manager said in an interview that of the 980 deaths, 164 were transferred outside Lusaka, while 549 burials were conducted within the Council’s established cemeteries, that is, both the new and old Leopard’s Hill cemeteries and Chingwere cemetery in Lusaka. The remaining 296 burials were conducted in other cemeteries within Lusaka not managed by the Council. This data was recorded between April 18th and 8th May 2017.

Did all these deaths occur at UTH?

Despite the headlines trending on social media, sources at the burial permit office confirm that these deaths did not all occur at the University Teaching Hospital but include deaths recorded around the entire Lusaka District. The confusion is most likely due to the fact that Continue reading Concerns emerge as Lusaka death toll rises – 980 deaths in a month

Property Talk | Dealing with construction permits in Zambia

In our Property Talk section this month, we tackle the issue of dealing with construction permits. Please start by reading the article in Issue 18 of ZASA Magazine (March 2017), this is a supplementary post. You can download the magazine for free here.


City Planning Application Forms can be downloaded online from the Lusaka City Council’s website, you can click here to go directly to their download page.

We also came across this video while doing our research that gives an overview of the construction industry in Zambia.

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