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Concerns emerge as Lusaka death toll rises – 980 deaths in a month


According to the Lusaka City Council’s burial permit office at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka, the council has recorded at least 980 deaths in the last one month alone. Brenda Katongola, the council’s assistant Public Relations Manager said in an interview that of the 980 deaths, 164 were transferred outside Lusaka, while 549 burials were conducted within the Council’s established cemeteries, that is, both the new and old Leopard’s Hill cemeteries and Chingwere cemetery in Lusaka. The remaining 296 burials were conducted in other cemeteries within Lusaka not managed by the Council. This data was recorded between April 18th and 8th May 2017.

Did all these deaths occur at UTH?

Despite the headlines trending on social media, sources at the burial permit office confirm that these deaths did not all occur at the University Teaching Hospital but include deaths recorded around the entire Lusaka District. The confusion is most likely due to the fact that Continue reading Concerns emerge as Lusaka death toll rises – 980 deaths in a month

ZASA reaffirms Diaspora commitment to National Development in Zambia

In a speech given at the handover ceremony for the blankets donated by ZASA, the president of the association made a firm commitment to skills, technology and knowledge transfer as a way of Diaspora Zambians doing their bit to push the agenda of national development back home.



The ceremony took place at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka on Thursday 23 March 2017. Below is the speech by ZASA President, Ferdinand Simaanya:

Continue reading ZASA reaffirms Diaspora commitment to National Development in Zambia

1000 blankets for UTH drive comes to a close

ZASA President Ferdinand Simaanya today handed over 1000 blankets to UTH for the children’s ward. This brings to fruition a vision by ZASA that aimed to alleviate the desperate situation the hospital’s patients often find themselves in.


It kicked off last year as one of ZASA’s community responsibility projects with the initiative being endorsed by the Zambia High Commission to South Africa. Zambians from all over South Africa came together donating blankets and money in order to make this a reality.

A massive thank you and well done to Zambians living in South Africa, keep up the spirit of One Zambia, One Nation – you should be proud!

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Preparation for handover of 1000 blankets to UTH children’s ward

This is to inform the General Membership that our ZASA President Mr. F. Simaanya arrived well and safe in Lusaka Zambia yesterday aboard South African Airways in readiness of the Blankets Presentation.

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Today in the company of our Secretary General, Mr. President had a brief meeting with Senior UTH Superintendent Dr. Musuku and UTH Public Relations Ms. Sepo Mwikisa, who took them on a familiarisation of the Children’s Hospital ahead of tomorrow’s Blankets Presentation.


Alwyn Matongo.
Presidential Assistant for Press & Communications.


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1000 blankets donated by ZASA on their way to UTH

Last year we announced that ZASA was running a drive to donate 1000 blankets to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) children’s ward in Lusaka, Zambia. We are proud to announce that the blankets have been packaged and are on their way from Johannesburg!

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to give toward this initiative – you should all be proud.


“The 1000 blankets donated by ZASA on their way to the UTH children’s ward from Johannesburg.” Ferdinand Simaanya, ZASA President.



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Here’s the link to the article we sent out last year: Zambians in South Africa Donate Blankets to UTH


Zambians in South Africa donate blankets to UTH


Zambians based in South Africa have donated a total of 1000 blankets to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Children’s Ward.

Receiving the blankets, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa thanked ZASA for the initiative.
He said the mindset of many people was that government would do everything, but the Zambians in South Africa had demonstrated that individuals could make a difference through individual contributions.


ZASA President Ferdinand Simanya said the organisation started the initiative to alleviate the conditions of children admitted to the UTH.

The handover was done at the Edenvale Sports Club on Saturday, 22 October 2016 where Independence Day celebrations were organised in the form of a Sports Festival attended by ZASA branches from across the country.

Update | ZASA (UTH) Blanket Drive


Good day my fellow Zambians,
As you are aware, the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of a large population of Children in Zambia. The University Teaching Hospital has 1655 beds and 250 baby cots. This makes us proud as we thrive through this global economic challenges that all nations are going through.
As the Zambia Association in South Africa, we have recently assessed the situation and have realised that the UTH is not very well equipped with ¾ blankets that can keep the girl and boy child warm and comfortable.
As Zambians living in South Africa, we have taken an initiative to request for donations from all abled and well-meaning Zambians countrywide towards this cause of saving the life of a girl and boy child by the 30th October 2016. OUR TARGET IS TO DONATE 1000 blankets.
Blankets should be ¾ grey or blue in colour. Kindly donate one or more and they should be brand-new.
All donations should be dropped at the Sandton sports club on the 22nd of October 2016 during our Zambia Independence Sports Festival and Family Fun Day that will start from 09 hours until 19 hours.
Those who would like to donate before then, please contact the following people and note the areas:
Benoni – Mr Mainga 0610332658, Boksburg – Mr Nkandu 0798716398, Kempton Park – Mr Chisembele 0817875596, Central Johannesburg – Mr Lusuko 0619926391, Hillbrow – Mrs Katongo 0736483175, Johannesburg South – Mrs Beauty Katongo, Johannesburg North – Pastor David Phiri 0794469710/0733888663, Port Elizabeth – JK 0842225748, East London – Mr Kalima 0833291115, Pietermaritzburg – Mia Lupinda 0737522824, Pinetown/Durban – Mr Lungwa 078777421, Pretoria – Mr Malulu 0766801547/0722106533, Mafikeng – Mr Lungu 0726672337, Newcastle – Mrs Chomba 0604381368, Rustenburg – Mr Zozi 0732095191, Middleburg – Mr Chama 0722733150/0798621960, Ladysmith – Mr Kamushi 0825450121, Capetown – Mr Hamainza – 0826778411, Germiston – Mrs Hill 0745005339, Westonaria – Mr Fumpa 0761052862, Roodepoort/Krugersdorp – Mr Phiri 0833753302, Midrand – Mr Mukupa 0787636875.

As Zambians in the diaspora, let us give back to people at home, this is part of our social responsibility.
May the Good Lord Bless us all.
Thank you
Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President