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27 Zambian Nationals in Prison in South Africa – High Commission

Pretoria – Thursday 1st June 2017

Zambia High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba has disclosed that 27 Zambian nationals are in jail in the country’s correctional services.

He said of the 27, 15 have already been convicted and are serving various sentences.

Mr. Mwamba says 12 Zambians are remanded in different prison facilities across the country awaiting the conclusion of their court cases.

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This came to light after the Mission engaged the Department of International Relations and Corporation of the Republic of South Africa (DIRCO) on the status of Zambian Nationals in conflict with the law in the country.

Among the prisoners is Peter Saveka, 34, holder of NRC 201632166, who is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder.

Others are identified as Continue reading 27 Zambian Nationals in Prison in South Africa – High Commission

Three Zambians held in Lindela


Good day family,

We have three Zambians held in Lindela for lack of documentation and also no valid days in the passports. Mrs Joyce Chimalilo from the Zambia High Commission will go to Lindela today to identify them and sign documents that will be used for deportation.

One of the arrested is a ZASA fully paid up member and as such ZASA will pay for the air ticket to go back home. The other one is sorted as the relatives have come up with the funds for the air ticket. Continue reading Three Zambians held in Lindela

Immigration Alert | ZASA Amnesty Petition Questionnaire now live


As you may be aware by now, the Amnesty Petition questionnaire is ready for all Zambians living in South Africa to fill in and submit accordingly.

The whole reason of the questionnaire is to come up with solid information that will be used to finalize the petition document with correct numbers and different statuses Zambians are in.

Please note that all information submitted will be treated as highly confidential.
Continue reading Immigration Alert | ZASA Amnesty Petition Questionnaire now live

Issue 15 | December 2016 (incl download link)

Hello ZASA Mag family!

December is finally upon us and we’re sure you’ve been itching to get tucked into your latest edition of ZASA Mag – we understand. Holding back the release was on purpose, we needed to have President Lungu’s state visit to South Africa covered.


Now that we have your package ready to go, we would love to firstly wish you a very Merry Christmas and a super prosperous New Year!

As for the ZASA Mag team – these guys will stop at nothing to keep you informed and entertained so we hope you enjoy the edition half as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Please feel free to give feedback, we love hearing from you and promise to reply to every single comment.


Issue 15 is here!
We bring you more details on President Lungu’s meeting with Zambians living in South Africa; we bring it right back to the capital for a destination you will adore; give you an update on newly tarred roads at the Nkwashi estate; Victoria talks to an award winning artist and so much more…

Now go on, get yourself something nice to sip on and enjoy the mag 🙂

Click here to download Issue 15 (December 2016)

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Zambian High Commission Immigration Alert | Travel Documents, Minors and Overstay



THE High Commission of Zambia in Pretoria would like to advise Zambians travelling to South Africa, particularly those going to meet church leaders in various parts of the country, to ensure that they make adequate arrangements before setting off on their trip.

The advisory comes in the wake of several Zambians getting stranded while in South Africa after running out of money. The Zambians are, as result, forced to go without food and to spend nights in the open.

The Mission wishes to advise that it does not have resources with which to repatriate the huge numbers of citizens that have continued presenting themselves to the High Commission in Pretoria to seek assistance.

Zambians planning to travel are advised to first contact their hosts in South Africa so that they could gather all the necessary information pertaining to their trip. It will be important for travellers to make prior arrangements for accommodation, transportation, food and to carry enough money to last them the entire duration of their stay in South Africa.

The High Commission further wishes to advise that the Republic of South Africa has amended its Immigration Act and this became law on May 16, 2014.

With effect from 1st October, 2014 (although a grace period was later given for the effective date), parents travelling with a child or minor under 18 years, are required to produce an unabridged birth certificate of the child, reflecting the particulars of the parents of the child. A parent travelling with a child and where one parent or both parents are deceased or the child is travelling with a relative or another person will have to prove that appropriate authority has been obtained. A minor travelling by themselves will have to produce a sworn affidavit by both parents or legal guardians as well as a birth certificate.

The law also states that a person cannot change from a Visitor’s Visa to another type of visa or permit without first exiting South Africa. Applications for change of conditions or long stay permits other than Visitors’ must be made at a Mission abroad – i.e. South African High Commission or Consulate.
It was previously allowed to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit whilst using a Visitor’s Visa but the amended law now prohibits any foreigner from applying for a temporary residence permit while in the country.

There has also been an increase in the administrative fines to be imposed on those who overstay or contravene the Immigration Act in any other manner.

Once the Visa has expired, foreigners face a ban labelling them ‘Undesirable Persons’ for periods of one, two or five years. If the period overstayed is 30 days then the penalty is 24 months.

If a person’s Visitor’s Visa has expired, they risk being declared an ‘Undesirable Person’ when exiting South Africa as immigration officials have now been authorised to ban any foreigners for overstaying even by two days.

Statement issued on June 26, 2016 by:

Nicky Shabolyo



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