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WhatsApp group (and FB) admins can be held legally liable for content shared

In the clip below, Stephen Grootes of 702 chats to Emma Sadleir, social media expert on the Midday Report about the consequences of allowing illegal or defamatory content shared by group members on WhatsApp groups and Facebook Pages.

This follows a recent case in India where a WhatsApp group administrator was held responsible for a photoshopped defamatory image of the Prime Minister.

Saudi Warning If you are Whatsapp Group Admin, be careful!

According to the 702 report, even in South Africa, people who administer WhatsApp groups could be held legally responsible for what’s said on the group and could be sued for defamation.

“The law of South Africa treats you (administrator) as if you are like an editor of a newspaper and you are responsible for the content of its pages.” Says Sadleir.

You can listen to the interview below:

On the flip side, however, Scroll published an article back in April 2016 where they alluded to the fact that these kinds of restrictions might infringe on freedom of speech following a spate of Internet shutdowns, banning of mobile telephony and arrests for online content:

“Much like shutdowns, these directives pose a severe threat to the freedom of speech enjoyed by users online and are in clear violation of existing legal precedents.”  Quoted from Scroll.in

Where do you stand on this issue, let us know by commenting below or emailing zasamag@longwemedia.co.za

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Zed Artist Profile | F Jay

Please start by reading the profile in Issue 21 of ZASA Magazine (June 2017) to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material. You can download the magazine for free here.

ZASA Magazine - Issue 21 - June 2017_Zed Artist Profile_inline

We’ve compiled a few videos and tracks that are among our top picks.

This video just makes the heart smile 🙂

F JAY – Nilekelele

FJAY | Urban Hype – Paloma

Urban Hype – Skele

F Jay – Maakeh Rose (Prod. By Fumbani)

Chanda Mbau – Selfish (Remix) (ft. F Jay, Scott, Blake & Vinny Boy)

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F Jay on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Reverbnation

Sources: www.fjayrnb.com

What Recruiters (or clients) look for on your LinkedIn profile

Looking for clients is effectively the same as looking for a job, as a firm; the first thing we do when about to do business with someone is vet them using mainly their LinkedIn profile. Your potential clients are doing the same so here’s a useful article we came across recently – for this month’s issue of ZASA Magazine, click here.

Before you get stuck into the article though, here are 6 quick tips on how to make a great LinkedIn profile.

Download Issue 21 of ZASA Magazine here to read the full article by Gwen Moran (Author, Business Writer, Small Business Influencer Awards Top 100 Champion 2015, 2014, and 2012; What Recruiters (or clients) look for on your LinkedIn profile.

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Property Talk | Connecting your new building to ZESCO [Part II]

This month, we go a little deeper into measuring the quality of the service ZESCO provides and look at the reliability of supply and transparency.

Please start by going through the Property Talk article in Issue 20 where we dealt with getting your new building connected to the grid and gave an analysis of the efficiency in moving through the procedures required as well as associated costs.

You can download this month’s Issue (Issue 21) of the magazine here.


The Property Talk section in ZASA Magazine is your number one source for reliable, researched content, news, and updates. You can download last month’s Issue of the magazine here to see the full Connecting your new building to ZESCO article.

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Good questions for good health: Is depression real?

A large part of preventing and treating depression is to be conscious and cautious of the illness. This means being free to talk about depression. The World Health Organisation’s campaign on depression is aimed at encouraging more people to freely talk about depression and to seek help if need be. But in order to talk about depression, we must be knowledgeable of its Symptoms and effect.

This month we provide you with a free downloadable booklet entitled “Depression; what you need to know.” This booklet was compiled by the National Institute of Mental Health. It will help you learn more about depression and how affects people of all ages. We urge all parents to read the section on Teens (page 7-8) so as to be more aware of how to help your child if you think they might be depressed.



To know more about the symptoms of depression, watch the World Health Organisation’s video below – I had a black dog, his name was depression.

Remember to share this post with family and friends.

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More links

What causes depression? Harvard Health Publications | Harvard Medical School 

Facts about depression | World Health Organisation

Everton Football Club Winger Aaron Lennon detained under Mental Health Act | BBC 

Follow the author Steven Nonde

Young Movers and Shakers | Precious Shola Mwamulima



In this edition of ‘Young Movers and Shakers’, we get to hear Precious Shola Mwamulima’s story; A young Sustainable Development Strategist and Social Entrepreneur. I hope this article will be a well from which you can draw some much-needed inspiration.

(Note* This is only a supplementary post, please see the full article in Issue 21 of ZASA Magazine (June 2017), download the issue free here)


“Chitemwiko is a vernacular word in the Bemba language, widely spoken in Zambia. This word is simply translated as LOVE. Our passion for helping vulnerable communities is driven by LOVE.”


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Phone: +260 966 498644 | Email: info@chitemwiko.org | Website: www.chitemwiko.org


Sending money to Zambia shouldn’t be a horror story

ZASA Magazine - Article Banner_June Article

In this month’s edition, we share a few stories about the dangers of sending money through channels you cannot trust – some are funny but some can very easily result in heartache.

A post was shared in one of the ZASA WhatsApp groups that sparked some interesting yet revealing views of the issues Zambians face in the Diaspora. The post has been doing the rounds on social media and is by Motivational Speaker Mubita Nawa calling for Zambians to “come back home”.

In response to the post, someone suggested buying and building property back in Zambia and this led to a very interesting exchange about issues of sending money to Zambia. One person shared how a friend living abroad was sending money home only to return and find her house was still at slab level.

Please read the article in Issue 21 (June) for the stories… Most memorable quote “asanga mambala alilwala ale onta imbaula, guy afilwa noku pinda…”

ZASA Magazine - Issue 21 - June 2017_Money Matters

Do you have any interesting stories about sending money back home to share? Leave a comment on our Facebook page or in the comments section below and let us know about it, we’ll pick the most interesting one and share it when we release Issue 22 (July).

Do you have a question or comment for Mukuru? You can submit them here.

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Issue 21 | June 2017 (free download)

Hello ZASA Mag family,

Sorry, but you’ll forgive us in a bit. We know the wait has been long but it has been for a good cause.

You’ll notice that the number of pages has increased quite a bit, and that there are a few new additions to the team of contributors as you read through – all this is with the aim of elevating the standard of your publication. You deserve nothing but the best.

ZASA Magazine - Issue 21 - June 2017_Cover

An announcement – we would like to welcome another great company to our family; Buphe Management has decided to join forces with ZASA Magazine to bring you flexible yet affordable Expatriate health and life cover. We have added a section for Buphe under the contact drop down on the main menu of zasamag.wordpress.com where you can leave your questions, we will make sure they get them and respond.

Issue 21 is here!

ZASA Magazine - Issue 21 - June 2017_Content

There is just too much for us to summarise in a paragraph but let’s give this a try… Chiawa Management Area on the Lower Zambezi is host to the cozy Kasaka River lodge – read about it in this issue; we talk about trust when it comes to matters concerning money; we also held out on the release to catch the high profile Newcastle 1st Anniversary Dinner that took place this past weekend (performing artist was none other than K’million and the guests of honour included the Zambian High Commissioner and Amajuba District Mayor) – we have video and more pictures coming shortly; Victoria interviews the accomplished Precious Mwamulima (founder of Chitemwuko); and Steven unpacks depression as we continue the #GQ4GH series. And no, that’s not all…

As always – get yourself something nice to sip on and enjoy 🙂

Click here to download Issue 21 (June 2017)

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Dream Destinations | Chongwe River House

Before we give you issue 21… Here’s another reason why you should download last month’s issue of ZASA Magazine (wet the appetite a bit).

ZASA Magazine - Issue 20 - May 2017_Dream Destinations_1200x419

(Note* Please start by reading the Dream Destinations feature in Issue 20 (May 2017) of ZASA Magazine to understand the context of this post, it is supplementary material. You can download the magazine for free here)

Here’s a video that provides a virtual tour of Chongwe River House.

Liked this feature? Subscribe below to get these posts via email. For more video content of destinations we have covered in previous Issues of ZASA Magazine, you can browse the Dream Destinations Playlist on our YouTube Channel. More videos will be added to this playlist as we uncover or shoot them.

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Sources: Chongwe River House website | TripAdvisor Reviews


27 Zambian Nationals in Prison in South Africa – High Commission

Pretoria – Thursday 1st June 2017

Zambia High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba has disclosed that 27 Zambian nationals are in jail in the country’s correctional services.

He said of the 27, 15 have already been convicted and are serving various sentences.

Mr. Mwamba says 12 Zambians are remanded in different prison facilities across the country awaiting the conclusion of their court cases.

download (1)

This came to light after the Mission engaged the Department of International Relations and Corporation of the Republic of South Africa (DIRCO) on the status of Zambian Nationals in conflict with the law in the country.

Among the prisoners is Peter Saveka, 34, holder of NRC 201632166, who is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder.

Others are identified as Continue reading 27 Zambian Nationals in Prison in South Africa – High Commission